Sunday, April 26, 2009

I kind of auditioned. And it's temporarily over.

As I was previously telling you, I made an attempt at joining a Death Metal band as lead singer. Well, it didn't work out as I planned so the Eclectic Metalhead remains - for the moment - just a mélomane and avid listener. Thank you all for your warm support.

Here are a few conclusions of this enriching experience :

  • Singing in an extreme Metal band requires a lot of practice and a considerable amount of physical effort. In my case it required also experiencing with my voice and the sounds I can come up with, especially in the screaming section where I am most lacking.
  • As far as I can come up with at the moment, my voice is more suited for a Brutal Death Metal band than a Modern Death Metal one. The big difference is that in the former genre, the voice is basically constant monotonous growls while the latter requires more developed skills like screaming and even having melodic hints in the voice.
  • There is an incredible difference between my standards of Death Metal and those of the younger generation, let's say 10 years younger than me. My references date back from the end of the eighties, beginning of the nineties, theirs are recent bands no more than 10 years old. So when we speak about Death Metal we might not be speaking about the same thing. From a certain perspective I find this rather regrettable - how can you not know the band Death - but from a different perspective I think that it contributes to the genre renewing itself every other 10 years.
  • I kind of started to like some Gojira pieces and appreciate the vocal performance of Randy Blythe from Lamb of God. These two Metal bands were not at all on my playlist just two weeks ago and they still don't make it in my top 20 - maybe my top 50 - but Clone and Laid to Rest really rock.
  • I will definitely try this again when another occasion shows up.