Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Metal Reflection of the Evening

Upon listening to Pyramaze's latest offering, Immortal, a one time collaboration of the Danes with American singer Matt Barlow, more than one thought crossed my mind with the finesse and sharpness of a bullet shot with surgical precision. The least rewarding one was that Iced Earth main man Jon Schaffer - who currently enjoys once again the exceptional vocal services of MattBarlow - is in no way comparable in creativeness and melody as a songwriter to those Danes. This is not meant to undermine in any way what Iced Earth has already provided to Metal - there are loads of classic Metal tunes that came out of Schaffer's guitar in combination with Barlow's voice - but after more than a dozen spins given to "Immortal" it is almost impossible not to feel the slightest regret that Matt Barlow's collaboration with Pyramaze didn't extend beyond a single recorded album. Like Cynic's Focus it's a one time gem, a singularity - we'll see about the "landmark album" thing but I'm rather confident about this given it's intelligent blend of Epic/Power, Progressive and classical Heavy Metal - and it's up to the fans to hope now to see them reunited once again in one form or another. Given Cynic's history which found them reunited 13 years after releasing "Focus" - at the 2008 Wacken Open Air for example - there is no reason to be pessimistic... in the long run of course , but just before we're all Grateful Dead.