Saturday, May 31, 2008

What Music Embraces me this Evening

First comes Faith No More's superbly crafted Evidence. A carefully tuned sound at every level, what else could be expected from Mike Patton. A soft landing in my ears, just perfect for a chill out session with a good drink before the grand journey Heading Northe with StormWarrior.

Why Parents Lie to their Children

A reflection provoked by an interesting post on the Cafe Hayek blog, The Virtues of Innocence. I see this issue of parents "lying" to their children from a different perspective than the one presented in the article.

I think this is the basic learning process. Think of any subject taught in school. What you learn first is a simplified theoretical model which basically never applies at 100% in the real life, except maybe in rare situations. While your knowledge in that field increases you come to see all the nuances that drive the real life situation away from the theoretical model. Lying to children - meaning presenting them real life facts in a simplified manner which can match their understanding level - works very much the same way, parents provide them with a framework for understanding the surroundings. And the personal development provides the necessary nuances to dissociate framework models from real life examples. Of course, children's future development is very much dependent upon the kind of framework their parents provide them, but that is a different discussion.

Sexy Capitalism

From Bryan Caplan. Joliment dit.

"For most of the 20th-century, socialists had hyper-confident advocates, but they lost anyway - in large part because capitalism is simply better-looking. I say the same thing will happen in the 21st-century competition between traditional Islam and Western culture. Islamists have an army of fiery spokesmen. But the West has Paris."
... and Paris has Bertrand Delanoé, one of the main candidates for the succession of Bilbo Baggins at the head of the French Socialist Party:)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Metallica Setlist

Metal Hammer announces Metallica's setlist on the opening night of the new European Tour. The year is 2008.

My reading :

  • Total songs : 18
  • Cliff Burton era songs (until 1986) : 8
  • Pre Black Album songs (until 1988) : 11
  • Pre Load songs (until 1991) : 15
My friendly advice. Find a hole in the ground, dig even deeper and either :
  1. You find Cliff Burton. Then reanimate him because you might actually be able to put out a decent album.
  2. Or if you don't, just hide there.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I Take my Hat off to the Finns

To quote the guy from Metalreviews, "in the vast wasteland of pop music known as the Eurovision Song Contest" Finns are a welcomed singularity. After Lordi in 2006, this year it's the second time Finland has sent a Metal band in the contest, Teräsbetoni, a band playing a very straightforward Heavy Metal in the vein of Manowar but blessed with more of a second degré sense of humor than their American counterpart. Unlike Lordi, who managed to fetch the big prise, Teräsbetoni ("Reinforced concrete" in English") finished only 22nd out of 24. They had everything Lordi lacked, some truly chest exploding riffing enhanced by powerful melodic vocals and they lacked everything Lordi displayed, the mind blowing visuals.

On the overall there is little to be proud of as a Metalhead. After all, what is the point in participating in a musical wasteland contest in the first place and even if you do, what is the point of participating in a contest at all without going there to win, one might ask. Well, the point here is different and there is reason to be proud. The audacity of the Finns deserves big respect (be they the voting public or a selected voting committee). By sending a Metal band in an European music contest they proved they value their Metal artists and Finland - along with Germany, Norway and Sweden - is among the leading European countries in producing worthy Metal acts with worldwide impact on a regular basis (think Children of Bodom, Finntroll, Nightwish, Amorphis, Stratovarius and Apocalyptica just to name a few). Another big step is that - at least in France - upon seeing Teräsbetoni performing live, TV commentators restrained themselves from uttering insulting comments of the like of which Lordi was greeted with two years ago, a sign that even people with stereotyped - not to say adverse - conceptions about Metal can learn to shut up when they have nothing useful to say. Not a very dignifying general observation, but that's the world we live in:)

So without much further ado, enjoy Missä miehet ratsastaa ("Where Men Ride") from Teräsbetoni.