Saturday, February 02, 2008

Some links for today

Time to write something, otherwise this blog will die alone.

  • An excellent piece in the New York Times about Microsoft's recent move to buy Yahoo. It will help you understand the big picture.
  • After a very long separation, brothers Max and Igor Cavalera join forces under the name of Cavalera Conspiracy. Judging by the two songs from the band's forthcoming album released until now we are looking at the worthy successor of Arise, possibly Sepultura's best album to date - and since it has been released in 1991 I think it's not very difficult to grasp the longtime frustration I have endured as a dedicated Sepultura fan, more precisely since Max Cavalera quit the band in 1996. I'm not throwing dirt on Chaos A.D and Roots - both of these albums widened my musical spectrum - it's just that I fell in love with Sepultura because of Schizophrenia and subsequently Beneath the Remains and Arise strengthened it. If I were to choose a Sepultura anthem this would definitely be Troops of Doom which stands at the crossway between Thrash Metal and Death Metal.
  • Rugby is back on the menu with the Six Nations Championship kickoff. Today at Twickenham Wales scored bigtime defeating England 26 to 19, their first victory in England in 20 years. France will be facing Scotland tomorrow without Captain Caveman in the squad. Poor lad...
  • If you enjoyed Insomnia then it would be interesting for you to know that it's the remake of a Norwegian "Insomnia" starring the excellent Stellan Skarsgård. And the Hollywood remake is far from being a match to the original. Everything in it is ten times stronger than in the Hollywood remake : the atmosphere, the heavy weighing insomnia, the character study and the scenario. Plus you get to see a 1 minute Black/Death Metal enhanced sex scene. Forget Al Pacino and Robin Williams, dive into the Northern European movie making.
  • I realize once again I'm definitely into whatever new Metal means. After Machine Head's Aesthetics of Hate worthy of Beethoven's most accomplished compositions I find myself more and more attracted to what some metalheads disqualify as unworthy metalcore. Therefore allow me to emphasize once again the sound of the Swedes from Sonic Syndicate with the song Denied or that of As I Lay Dying with Confined. By the way, who said that counterpoint isn't present in Metal? Think again.
  • The closing chapter is provided by Children of Bodom. The Hate Crew is back with a new album and the first track, "Banned From Heaven", is available on their Myspace page. Heavier, darker, technical but yet melodic, those Finns score bigtime once again.