Saturday, September 06, 2008

My Deathbed Metal Song

What song I would like to be played at my funeral? I amused myself with this exercise a few months ago after reading that AC/DC's Highway To Hell is at the top of the list of funeral songs in Adelaide, Australia. So I immediately started compiling my own list curious to see what comes at the top. I patched up a few criteria which seemed obvious : a) the central theme of the song must be about death, dying or the afterlife (or whatever you want to call it) ; b) I don't want people attending the funeral to walk away with a sad face - I would very much like to see them with a Tom Araya wicked kind of smile actually and c) it must be a damn good quality Metal song because I don't want to be remembered as an average Metal listener, only the best is suited on such an occasion. There I was cracking my scull open to find the best of the best suited songs for such a bizarre soundtrack - I quickly realized one song wouldn't be enough - and I came up with the following :

  • Slayer - Raining Blood and/or Hell Awaits. I simply can't pick only one from Slayer, both of them have crushing riffs, devastating intros and direct punch lines, plus they come along with the wicked smile of Tom Araya of a long bearded Yeti with the face of a child, just beautiful:)
  • Death - Pull the Plug, how could I leave out Chuck from the guests list. And I want the 1988 live version of this one, nothing less, it's the one that survived the best the test of time.
  • Paradise Lost - As I Die. This is the mellow depressing moment, time for respiro, time to listen to the grass growing. Since I believe there won't be many happy faces showing up at the funeral, bombarding people only with anthems is not a 100% good idea, therefore this should be the central piece to help every body gather their thoughts after Hell unleashed and before the upcoming climax.
  • Gamma Ray - Hell is Thy Home. Time to cheer up and bring bombastic melodic speed into the event :  "Taken where the thunder roars into the blazing light / The hand of fate is crushing down before me / The eyes of god have turned away, no angels are in sight / As I face the final chapter of our story". Remember, I will go down all guns blazing, so you need crescendo to build up to the final moment.
  • Iron Maiden - Hallowed Be Thy Name. Epic, melodic, fast, insightful, the perfect song for a perfect death. " Somebody please tell me that I'm dreaming / It's not so easy to stop from screaming / But words escape me when I try to speak / Tears they flow but why am I crying / After all I am not afraid of dying / Don't believe that there is never an end". Scream for me!
Of course, since Metal is growing bigger and better every day I still have plenty of time to update this:)

This being said, I wish you all an excellent in-between time after the morning coffee and before the teeth brushing or vice versa.