Monday, September 01, 2008

Faster Harder Louder. Metal Links and Being a Fan.

  • I am a Metalhead but at the core I am a Huge Metal Fan. A fan that instantly clicked on the link to the new Blabbermouth news about the album cover of the new Cynic album, "Traced in Air". And felt overwhelmed while reading the following : "CYNIC will be direct support slot on the OPETH European trek in November/December". I hope they keep their slot until December the 3rd when Opeth will be playing in Lyon. Needless to say the tickets are already bought:)
  • Therefore I get it how it feels to be a Metallica fan anxious to get your hands on "Death Magnetic" and simply just having to wake up to read fresh news about it. Except that Metallica news flows like tap water every single day on every single channel like the whole world will stop spinning on September 12th, the release date. Godspeed Newton! The apple might not fall on that day, but Metallica will remain solidly anchored. That's called gravity boots in our days. Great marketing nevetheless. Anyways, to say something good about them, I will actully listen to Bruce Dickinson's radio show on the 19th of September which will have Metallica as guests. I've listened to Bruce's shows in the past but they were featuring mainly young bands and the guy proved to be a very good public for new Metal music and an insightful but in the meatime a highly entertaining interviewer. There is also a very good interview he did with Lemmy from Motörhead, these two guys display excellent chemistry together - both being British must help. I really don't see the relaxed and wicked Bruce Dickison hitting it off with the Metallica MTV stars - especially Lars Ulrich - but I might be wrong.