Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A Nice Reminder

A note on pessimistic bias :

"Problems come; problems are solved. Inability to see the details of the future scare many people; this inability doesn't scare me. As long as individuals have a sufficient quantum of freedom, their self-interest and creativity and inevitable competition will "solve" almost any problem over the long-haul.
Being optimistic doesn't mean being blindly insistent that the future will always be better than today. Take away enough freedom and, kaboom!, the economy implodes. (Or should I instead say "moobak!"?) Fortunately, though, the capitalist economy is so remarkably robust that it can take lots of beatings -- lots of interventions -- lots of unnecessary taxation -- lots of foolish dissing -- and keep on keeping on at raising living standards."
Mrs. Pelosi, come on, it's counter productive!