Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Singularity in Metal

That's exactly what the next Pyramaze album entitled "Immortal" will be. It is a one time collaboration of the Danish band with singer Matthew Barlow which also marks his comeback into Metal after a long hiatus. Given the quality of the short lived ensemble the expectations are high and I can now peacefully say that the long expectation was well worth it. "Now" means after a fourth listening of the two excerpts from Immortal published today on the Pyramaze website, "Year of the Phoenix" and "Caramon's Poem". Great stuff, cannot wait for the entire album.

And a quick review. The instrumental part is flawless as usual, the Danes set high standards with their two previous albums - "Melancholy Beast" and "Legend of the Bone Carver" - and they deliver bigtime, their brand of exquisite epic power prog gets better and better with every note. The vocals. The first spin was a little frustrating because it was only then that I realized what a heavy mark Lance King has left on the Pyramaze sound. Quite strange, isn't it? But as with every new Pyramaze song, you don't really get right the first time so you need to try harder. And after a while it hit me how well Matt Barlow fits in. His voice simply flows along with the music in a much lower tone than Lance King's performance transforming the elvish-like storytelling into a much heavier, powerful and emotional experience, the ultimate Barlow trademark. So go for it... as soon as it comes out:)