Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Atheist Clubs. Thanks But No Thanks.

I have just discovered that a fellow blogger included Buffer Overflow on a "Promoters of Reason" - also called "Brother at Arms" - list of blogs promoting atheism if my understanding is correct. Another fellow blogger included Buffer Overflow on a similar list of blogs which if you visit you commit a capital sin - put in an ironic and cynical way, of course. And all this because of this post I recently wrote on what I called an embryonic form of intelligent atheism in the Romanian blogosphere.

As much as I appreciate readers finding topics worthy of their interest on my blog, I must kindly decline the offer of joining the kind of pro-atheist clubs as the ones I found my blog included into without my consent and I gently ask their promoters to remove me from them. And this for multiple reasons. The first one is that religion - and religious people - bashing is not on the menu here, it doesn't require a great effort of reading to realize that this blog doesn't promote anti-theism or militant atheism. The second reason is that I don't particularly endorse the breed of militant atheism I stumble upon in many productions of the Romanian blogosphere fueled by the legitimate rejection of the religious conservatism that is increasingly manifesting itself in Romanian society. At this point of it's evolution I don't really see it as a rational process, hence the word "embryonic" I used to qualify a rather singular moderate and rational view of things. The third reason is that when I pick up a fight I pick it by myself on what I consider as a strong basis, hence it is not necessary for others to do it for me. And definitely this is not the kind of fight I'm interested in:) Therefore thanks but no thanks. Cheers!