Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Two Links for Today

  • Greg Mankiw points to a very interesting article in the New York Times on measuring the gap between rich and poor. While the difference in households income is indeed huge (15 to 1), the consumption per person in the top fifth is only 2.1 times bigger than in the bottom fifth. What I make out of it is that the money saving capacity could be a better measure of the poverty rate than the classic income based one.
  • Another good piece on the Microsoft bid for Yahoo! in this week's issue of The Economist magazine, When clouds collide. I think the discussion is too centered on online search and advertising - in a way it's only normal since that's where the big money is - and it misses other important topics like web based e-mail, instant messaging or photo-sharing (Flickr is owned by Yahoo!) where the new Microsoft-Yahoo! giant would largely be the market leader.