Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Links for Today

  • Who pays the VAT. A nice article in French published on the Ecopublix blog which brings nothing new and revolutionary, rather is explicit and elegant.
  • LOLCat Bible. Funny as hell, excellent for reading in small bits when you have 5 minutes to spare during the day. Genuine fun which beats any religious vs. atheist gritty confrontation. Here's the excellent section about Proof of Ceiling Cat and one of the very good awgooments not for Ceiling Cat :

"If Ceiling Cat wuz reel, He iz gud kitteh nd haz teh powerz to pwn evrywun. But if Ceiling Cat wuz gud kitteh, then He wants all teh kittehs to haz cheezburger. Nd if Ceiling Cat has powerz to pwn evrywun, He haz powerz tu gives all teh kittehs cheezburger. But sum kittehs no has cheezburger. :'( So Ceiling Cat iz not reel.

(Sum n00bs say this iz becoz Ceiling Cat gived us Free Will, and teh reel reason some kittehs no has cheezburger is becoz other kittehs yuze Free Willz tu steel cheezburger and eaten it--not Ceiling Cat's fault! But this splaination not plausibling: everycat knowz that cheezburger iz better than Free Will. kthxbye)"