Monday, February 25, 2008

Links for Today

  • A great article in this week's The Economist magazine about Cuba's state of the nation in at the moment of Fidel Castro's leave from power, The comandante's last move. If you ever wondered what Romania was like back in 1989 - the year of the fall of the communist regime - then you will find in this article a quite accurate description even if it's about a country locate at the opposite side of the globe. There are numerous similarities, my favorite piece being the depiction of the underground economy which developed in a centrally planned communist state.
  • Judging by the winner of the Academy Award for Best Performance by and Actress in a Leading Role, Marion Cotillard, it seems like French culture is not dead yet. Personally I haven't seen the movie and I probably won't see it in the near future because my TODO list is already full, I just wanted you to know that I was waiting for a few good months to utter these words.