Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Intriguing thought of the evening

Why Turkey recognized the independence of the freshly born state of Kosovo and Romania didn't. Is it because of the Muslim majority in Kosovo, is it because of Turkey's EU accession aspirations or none of these? Romania's and Spain's positions are being correlated with the issues both countries have with their large national minorities. Is it just that or something else? Because Turkey too has issues with it's own Kurdish minority.

I guess you all see where I'm going. If the local national minorities are the only reason for Romania's refusal of recognizing Kosovo's independence, then the Turks painted a much better picture of themselves. Because the message sent by the Romanian state is that Kosovo's independence sets a dangerous precedent instead of that of a liberal state being capable of dealing with it's national minorities issues in a liberal manner. So it might well be that Romania's choice was not the intelligent one.