Saturday, January 26, 2008

Some links for today (not only about Metal)

  • Cover songs are a very interesting example of how music evolves through time. It's one thing to list you're musical influences as an artist and a completely different one to actually perform one of your favorite band's song live. It's a tough challenge and a necessary exercise because that is the exact moment when you truly measure up to your forefathers to see if you can do it as well as they did it but it is also a way of paying respect to their art. Plus it's a definite crowd-warmer:) For tonight I picked the song Black Night from Deep Purple. First a live recording of Deep Purple playing it at the beginning of the seventies, then comes a definitely heavier and faster interpretation by Bruce Dickinson with Therapy? and in the end Deicide's destructive Death Metal interpretation with damn good guitar solos. Enjoy!
  • Via Tihi, a very funny Hungarian road movie - judging by the trailer - set in my homeland, Transylvania, Kalandorok. Very anxious to see this one:)
  • Via marius, my second best discovery of the day in the field of Metal, the band Truda from my hometown Cluj. They succeed very well in blending Hardcore and Death Metal into a distinctive sound which - albeit not very innovative - is incredibly well produced for a Romanian band (check out their MySpace page or the Media section on their website for complete songs from their album "Taraf Nation"). They also have a quite extensive list of videos - see them on YouTube or in the same Media section of their website - which are indispensable while listening to their songs because of their intro and outro messages which are elements of the mission statement of the band expressed more accurately on their Myspace blog. For the moment I'll stick with the song I like most of their offerings so far, Mashini, unelte, and hope to get to know them better over a pub session when I'll be in Cluj:)
  • At this point you must wonder which was my best Metal discovery of the day. OK, here we go. Heaven and Hell, the DVD of the live performance of Black Sabbath with Dio from their 2007 world tour. You should definitely listen to this one if you want to know what "heavy" stands for in Heavy Metal. Again, hats off to the heaviness of Tony Iommi's guitar - don't worry, the guy is into much more else than heaviness so you won't be disappointed - to Geezer Butler's heavy bass and to Dio's majestic vocals and overwhelming stage presence which reminds me that I'm just a grownup child. As far as Vinny Appice is concerned, I really like the guy and he is a good drummer but I can't really figure where his second pedal is hidden, I will have to look more closely:) My latest theory is that Black Sabbath irreversibly turned Metal with the Heaven and Hell album in 1980 shortly afte Dio joined them. That doesn't mean undermining Ozzy's merits - both him and Dio as singers and composers are fundamental institutions for what Metal is today along with Tony Iommi as main composer and lead guitarist of the band - but as a Metalhead I clearly see a shift in the band's style between the Ozzy era of the seventies and the Dio years at the beginning of the eighties from a more Hard-Rock oriented sound towards a Heavier and more Doom-ish one. And the little guy must certainly be in for something.