Saturday, January 19, 2008

Is this Metal?

Damn right it is!:) Van Canto are my most interesting discovery in Metal this month. Their style is "Hero-Metal a capella" and they're doing a damn good job especially in the rhythmic section (and also a big thumbs up for the crescendos). It also helps that they realized much earlier than Apocalyptica that they needed a real drummer:) I'm also wondering what the guys in the background could put in their CV, maybe something like "bass guitar in Van Canto, my job was doing taca-ta taca-ta all the time":) All jokes aside, I invite you to listed to their superb offering, The Mission, on YouTube (and if you really want to fall off your chair listen to Rain, they take their music one step further into guitar solos). By the way, they'll be at Wacken this year.

I think this is an interesting example in the discussions we had with Sebi around defining Metal. I wasn't that accurate then, but I'll definitely try to score better very soon in a post on this blog. It's clear that the Metal culture revolves around the music, but while produced music (as well as Metalheads) can come in many various shapes, there is one more thing that keeps everything glued together. To be continued...

Update : OK, these guys are not only good but also extremely funny:))) Here's an excerpt of the definition of their style, Hero-Meta a capella :

"For all those, who are interested in mature men who like to sing „rakkatakka“ through a guitar amplifier, only to imitate fat rhythm guitars"