Saturday, April 07, 2007

Mare dilema mare

CFR Cluj castiga la Craiova, isi consolideaza locul 2 in clasament distantandu-se la 5 puncte de Steaua care a pierdut pe Ghencea in fata lui Dinamo. Si de Rapid, tot la 5 puncte.

Hypothetically speaking, daca CFR termina campionatul pe locul 2 si ajunge sa joace in Champions League in sezonul 2007 - 2008 in aceeasi grupa cu Olympique Lyonnais, eu cu cine tin? Tot hypothetically speaking ma gandeam daca in sezonul 2006 - 2007 Steaua pica in grupe cu OL. Si pana la urma asa s-a si intamplat. Atunci alegerea a fost mai simpla, ma preocupa fotbalul romanesc dar nu sunt fan Steaua, dar acum?:)

PS : Inca un fan CFR, Tihi:)

Free OzzFest this Year

The Metal news of the beginning of the year is that the 12th edition of the OzzFest festival will be free (video). This means that fans attending the 25 dates of the US summer tour won't have to pay for the tickets and that the bands playing on it won't get paid either. Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne together with the producer Live Nation will turn to sponsors for financing and it seems like there are already 6 corporate sponsors with whom they struck a deal. As Sharon Osbourne put it, this is the solution to the inevitable increase of the ticket prices of the last few years :

"For the last few years, ticket prices have steadily climbed as artists demand more and more money for summer tours. We certainly want everybody to make money, however we also want the kids to be able to afford to come out and have an incredible experience. If we continued with the traditional touring festival model, we would have no choice but to raise ticket prices again this year."
How will this affect the bands participating at the tour? First of all, it's clear that only bands searching for exposure will participate without getting paid, so don't expect Metallica, Korn of Marilyn Manson. According to the Chimaira guitarist Rob Arnold, "it costs a band $100,000 to do an OzzFest". But they will get the occasion to sell their merchandise and also play at the local venue while touring with the OzzFest, which might very well cover all the costs and maybe even more. So there will be lesser known acts on the tour, but more willing to put up a good show. And who knows, it might turn the OzzFest into a more Metal than Hard Rock festival, all for the benefit of the fans. And since the costs for the band are quite high (I'd say huge) I think there's no real danger in seeing completely unknown bands that would make the crowd loose their patience while waiting for Ozzy to close the day. There are (good) news that Lamb of God are in.

How will this affect the fans? There are some who worry about security in the perspective that the concert arenas might get heavily overcrowded. There will still be a limited number of tickets, even if for free, which will be distributed through sponsors' website accessible via the OzzFest and Live Nation websites. Here comes the tricky part which infuriates others. According to promoters Live Nation :
"This summer's Ozzfest will provide select sponsors with a unique opportunity to engage fans one-on-one, utilizing one of music's best-known brands,"
What exactly does this opportunity means is difficult to say, but it definitely is an eyebrow-raising issue which could mean that finally the festival might be far from free for the fans. It might even be more expensive than the $30 to $150 usual ticket price range.

From my point of view I would happily put my $50 or $150 into bands t-shirts, CD's and DVD's instead of the festival ticket and I would accept the publicity as long as it doesn't affect the musical act. For the final conclusion, an excerpt from the Music Arsenal blog, with which I couldn't agree more :
"If Ozzfest is done correctly, without over commercialization, I believe this could change the way not only festivals are presented but also smaller, one or two band tours."
Definitely worth keeping an eye on how things will go on this year's OzzFest.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Good point

Pentru parlamentarii PD care au aplaudat discursul lui Corneliu Vadim Tudor, despre care vorbeste si Lorand pe Phoenix Transylvania, o mica repunere in perspectiva nu strica :

"Problema majora a actualului Guvern nu tine de vreo etnie si de reprezentantii minoritatilor in Executiv. Ea tine de competenta. Or, competenta, la fel ca si prostia, e trans-etnica, trans-nationala."
Deci puseul neonationalist nu sta in picioare:) Mai pe larg despre rolul UDMR-ului in viata politica romaneasca in articolul lui Cristian Parvulescu din Cotidianul.

Biserici si urbanism

Primul articol pe ziua de azi, Biserici mutilate, publicat in Foaia Transilvana, vorbeste destul de extensiv despre procesul constructiei bisericilor in Romania, in special in Cluj. Desi incepe foarte bine vorbind despre rolul institutiei Bisericii in secolul XXI se limiteaza doar la a detalia aspectele construirii lacaselor de cult. Si asta e foarte bine, dar ma asteptam la o viziune mai larga asupra rolului Bisericii. Oricum, merita citit.

Al doilea, publicat in Cotidianul, Arhitectul-sef al Londrei consoleaza Bucurestiul. Cateva pareri despre diferite aspecte ale urbanismului capitalei, pareri pe care le-as califica de common sense, deloc revolutionare dar foarte binevenite.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Jurnal de calatorie

O treaba foarte interesanta, Ioan T. Morar a deschis un blog, Morar & More, in care povesteste in care vorbeste in timp real despre sejurul sau de 2 luni in Noua Caledonie inceput pe 4 aprilie, experienta din care va iesi si o carte care va fi editata si ea in timp real iar lansarea va avea loc pe aeroport, la sosire. Sunt curios de evolutia scriiturii pe blog.

(via Eduard)

The Economist Intelligence Unit

It's not exactly CTU, but they do equally interesting things:) Like this report on the absorption of the EU structural funds by the new member states targeted on technology and IT&C. Globally it didn't go very well until now but there are chances that it will go better with the newcomers Romania and Bulgaria.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I just did the political quiz on the Le Monde website containing 19 questions based upon which you can see to which one of the candidates to this month's French presidential elections you're closer to. So here are the results, the bigger the number of points is, the closer I am to the political program of that candidate :

Monday, April 02, 2007

WWII as an Online Game

The chat room traffic of the WW II, if it had been an online game.