Thursday, December 13, 2007

Speedy Gonzales Foreign Policy

Two interesting fragments from an interview with Nicolas Sarkozy in the Nouvel Obs highlighted by the French Politique blog.

First, Iran. The French president wants to step up and fill the void left by the recent US NIE report on the Iranian nuclear program. Audacious at the first sight but it's still unclear how much the French foreign politics can weight in this issue. But the perspective of doing legitimate business with Iran while gaining an aura of local peace keeper is quite tempting.

Second. This is really really stupid : "I wanted to reconcile France and the United States, not with the Bush administration. When I delivered my speech in Congress, I was applauded more by the Democrates than the Republicans". It sounds more like sucking up to the Democrats than reconciling France and the United States. Mr. Sarkozy should know better than this that there are other breeds of Republicans in the US than the supporters of the now rather isolated Mr. Bush and that the election of a Democrat president in 2008 doesn't automatically guarantee good relations between the United States and France, even if Al Gore supports him. Al Gore is not running for the White House and doesn't even have that much of a role to play in the 2008 elections.