Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Minstrels in Town

Last Thursday's evening was simply memorable as we saw Corvus Corax live in Lyon. The concert took place in some small and obscure concert hall in suburbia - intuitively name Lyon's Hall - quite far from any sign of electricity enabled civilization - the electricity didn't lack completely as there actually was a fridge full of cold beer at the bar. Inside there was room for no more than 100 people and the number of spectators didn't exceed it, but this was rather pleasant, creating a familiar and intimate enough atmosphere for a high quality acoustic concert of medieval folk music. Such opportunities are far too rare these days not to be savored at their full extent and so we did:) I must admit I'm not a die hard fan - or at least I wasn't one before the beginning of concert - but I was into from the first sight of Corvus Corax on scene - it also helped that we were practically in the first row in the immediate proximity of the musicians, small concert hall, small scene. Everything about them was breathtaking: the amazing costumes, the intriguingly shaped instruments (authentic medieval ones hand crafted by one of the band members), their marvelous sound (4 bagpipes simultaneously unleashing their fury right in front of you can be a rather consuming experience), the overall feasting-in-joy atmosphere the musicians/entertainers were creating by constantly addressing to each other and the public in words and music. Needless to say, this wasn't exactly your everyday concert played by conventionally dressed college trained people obediently sitting on their chairs not to disturb the hands clapping immobile fly on the highest peak of the cello, this was pure energy delivered straight from the source in the shape of either joyful saltarelli or mournful ballads by the most famous minstrels in the world. Cheers!