Thursday, June 07, 2007

Tallica bis

Since I spoke about Metallica in my previous post, allow me to develop. Kids, you might want to consider going to bed if it's for Linkin Park or Korn that you go to see Metallica live or you might want to stay up and listen to the real shit.

YouTube is great as always and especially now since I was able to dig up some old Metallica stuff back from the beginning of the 80s, mostly bootlegs. And so you don't get too confused I'll say that my favorite Metallica album is the 1983 Kill'em All for many reasons but mainly because a) it features Cliff Burton (RIP) on the bass guitar and his smashing Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth) bass reverie, b) the lead guitar duties are handled by the infamous master axeman Dave Mustaine (he didn't participate at the studio recording since he was already kicked out of the band by that time but he did all the touring preceding it) who also co-wrote 4 songs on the album along with James Hetfield, c) it is fast, outrageous and abuses guitar solos, d) strangely enough it has the best sound quality Metallica was ever able to come up with and e) it's the no ballads album, very important. Of course I adore all the four pre 1991 Metallica albums - Kill'em All, Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets and And Justice for All - but this is the one that really kicks ass.

Returning to YouTube, here's what I came up with. All of them are old recordings, many bootlegs, mostly noise, but you get a great feeling of what Metal is all about after seeing them. For whom the Bell Tolls (live 1986 with Cliff Burton), Metal Militia (live from 1983), Ride the Lightning (demo with Dave Mustaine on vocals), Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth) and Whiplash (live with Cliff Burton and Dave Mustaine), Motorbreath (live & old & shitty sound), No Remorse (live in 1983 with Kirk Hammett) and of course Master of Puppets (live in 1986 with Cliff Burton and Kirk Hammett). But my favorite one is the one below, No Remorse with Cliff Burton and Dave Mustaine, old and damn dirty bootleg:) Of course, since back then some of these are no longer exactly bootlegs since they have been included on DVDs and officially released, but at they are pure gold.