Thursday, May 24, 2007

Teach Children to Listen to Death Metal

From time to time I remember that Chuck Schuldiner is dead. RIP Chuck. Some call him the godfather of Death Metal, being among those who invented the genre as the mainman of the band called Death. I just call him a damn good axeman, the best actually (sorry Dave), and an extremely nice and decent person. Just check out some interviews with him here, here or here. Anyway it seems like a good memorial to dig up Death videos on YouTube and what it's best about this band, and about Chuck Schuldiner also, is that you can actually see how the band improved over the years and grew up creating its own indisputable sound. So here's what I came up with.

Chuck in his prime : Left to Die, Denial of Life, Pull the Plug, Zombie Ritual (the recording is recent, but the song is old).

Chuck growing up : Suicide Machine, Lack of Comprehension, both from the Human album when Death was featuring the exceptional musicians Steve DiGiorgio, Sean Reinert and Paul Masvidal, the latter two ending up by putting out the landmark Progressive Metal album entitled Focus in a famous band called Cynic.

Chuck as an adult : Flesh and the Power it Holds, The Philospher, Crystal Moutain.

Since my all time favourite Death album, Symbolic, doesn't feature on YouTube in a decent enough quality - well, Crystal Mountain is from this album but the sound quality isn't exactly top notch - I give you my all time favourite song from the early Death era, the crushing Pull the Plug. That's how you play Death Metal! Listen with care and enjoy!