Friday, May 04, 2007

Royal vs. Sarkozy, The Debate

As you all know, the televised debate between the two finalists in the French presidential elections, Ségolène Royal and Nicolas Sarkozy, took place last Wednesday and lasted 150 minutes. I watched the debate live, I read tens of articles dealing with the topic and I made my own impressions which could be resumed to the following. There was no debate of ideas, only a debate of characters which doesn't interest me that much, both of them are very charismatic and they both had good strategies of communication during the debate. As far as ideas and proposals are concerned, at least Nicholas Sarkozy came forward with concise proposals - good or bad, he had something to say - while Ségolène Royal constantly turned around her great idea of a negotiation between "the social partners" - at least as far as economic growth was concerned - negotiation who could (and most certainly would) lead strictly to nothing.

But I will let others speak of the debate and I've compiled a list of interesting articles I came across :

Finally, today's polls give an advantage of 6 to 9 points to Nicolas Sarkozy. I would also point out an excellent Le Monde page summarizing the whole evolution of the polls during the last days and weeks.