Sunday, May 06, 2007

French Elections, Second Round

19:00 The estimation of the final turnout is 85,5% compared to 83,8% in the first round. It is the third highest ever in France (85,85% in 1981, 87,33% in 1974).

The turnout at 5PM was 75,11%. Two weeks ago it was 73,87% at the same hour. It's sure that people didn't listen to Jean-Marie Le Pen's call to abstain. The French-speaking Belgian TV network RTBF will give the first estimates of today's poll at 6PM. They can, they're in Belgium, in France results cannot be published before 8PM when all the voting bureaus are closed.

The turnout at noon was 34,11% compared to the 31,21% of the first round at the same hour.