Monday, May 07, 2007

Economist Intelligence Unit despre Romania

Inca un briefing pertinent despre Romania pubicat de Economist Intelligence Unit, Romania's scrappy politics. Pornind de la ipoteza ca referendumul din 19 Mai nu va duce la demiterea presedintelui Traian Basescu se concluzioneaza ca sunt mici sperante ca reforma in Romania sa avanseze, deci blocajul politic ar continua. Exactly my point.
"It is difficult to imagine Mr Basescu resuming his duties chastened by the experience; it is simply not in his character. He might curb his most aggressive instincts a little, but he seems likely to continue his assault on the government with the aim of ensuring that his own party, the Democratic Party, emerges as the ruling force after the parliamentary election due in 2008.

Parliament, for its part, is unlikely to soften its opposition to the abrasive Mr Basescu. Three hundred and twenty-two of parliament’s 465 deputies voted to impeach the president. It is telling also that they did so despite knowing that a referendum would almost certainly fail. Quite simply, they could not stop themselves from seeking revenge on the man who has lambasted them in the most vociferous and contemptuous manner since becoming president. It thus appears that Romania is destined to struggle on with an unstable minority government and tensions between president and parliament. As such, there is little reason to be hopeful that the country’s reform drive will get back on track anytime soon."