Friday, April 27, 2007

When two worlds collide

A nice article from Bloomberg which makes a clear cut between the solutions of the two candidates in the runoff of the French presidential elections concerning the weak growth and high unemployment rates in France, Sarkozy Bets on Supply, Royal on Demand for Economy.

"Royal wants to spur consumer demand by increasing job security, pension spending and the minimum wage. Sarkozy proposes making companies more efficient by cutting taxes, eliminating charges on overtime and weakening labor protection."
I'm glad to see that there are people who actually see the presidential campaign as a confrontation of ideas and visions of society, meaning the guys from Bloomberg, because since the Sunday 22nd first round I haven't heard a single idea in the whole white noise created by the fight over François Bayrou's 18% of the first round votes. There might be one more chance of a real debate during the televised face-to-face on May the 2nd between the two candidates, but there is not much hope.

(via French Elections blog)