Thursday, January 11, 2007

Our Bulgarian Neighbours Know How To Do It

From Le Monde, the Bulgarian CNRS engineer Atanas Tchobanov started a large scale campaign on the Internet for the liberation of the Bulgarian nurses and Palestinian doctor sentenced to death in Lybia. He started with a petition translated in 16 languages includind Arab, then he bough sponsored links on Google for keywords like "lybia" and "gaddafi" and also launched a call on the Internet to use all the legal means possible to spread the word, emails, forums, blogs, whatever. It seems that some of those who "embraced" the cause have already started exchanging IP addresses of Lybian government websites for possible attacks. The total cost of the campaign is somewhere around 300 euros and the petition had about 150.000 hits in 10 days with a result of 3500 signatures. It doesn't sound like a major success yet, but it has all the premises to become one. His goal is to reach anybody he can on the Internet and piss off the Tripoli government because the time of negociations is over, the entire public opinion must be mobilised on this issue.

I say go for it my man, raise more money, buy more publicity space and good hunting!

PS : I cannot help but think that this is yet another good example to follow for Bulgaria's Northern neighbours but for different purposes. All but the attacks, of course:)

PPS : There's also a film on the story of the five nurses available on Google Video called Injection.