Saturday, April 29, 2006

Metal resources (III)

M-am gandit ca acum ar fi un moment bun pentru recomandari:) Asa ca iata cam ce metale imi plac mie, am luat textul acesta asa cum l-am postat pe un forum de pe (sau aproape).

First metal experiences around the age of 13 :

  • Metallica - "Ride the Lightning" & "And Justice for All"
  • Sepultura - "Schizophrenia"
  • Kreator - "Renewal"
  • Megadeth - "Countdow to Extinction"
Favourite bands/albums/songs :
  • Death & Control Denied
  • Kataklysm - precise, agressive, technical and yet musical
  • everything related to Dan Swano especially Edge of Sanity's "Purgatory Afterglow", "Crimson", "Crimson II", the side project Pan-thy-monium and Nightingale
  • Opeth, everything they do is a piece of art but "Ghost Reveries" is the top
  • Kreator, fresh breath in an old world, "Renewal" is a peak in their discography
  • Evergrey, powerful dark metal by a very generous band, the guys played last year in Lyon in front of max 100 people like they were playing in front of 1000
  • Pyramaze, the best discovery of the last 2 years
  • Napalm Death, "Fear, Emptiness, Despair" - the song "Remain Nameless" is quite a piece of work, check out the lyrics
  • Megadeth, the old albums
  • Neuraxis - canadian mix of grind and death metal in the vein of Kataklysm (almost) but far more poetic
  • Immortal, "At the Heart of Winter" - the northern winter spirit
  • In Flames - "Colony", the song I like the most from this band
  • Queensrÿche - "Operation Mindcrime" (almost forgot about them:))
  • ... and many many more...
Musicians I like : Chuck Schuldiner, Dave Mustaine, Mille Petrozza, Steve di Giorgio, Gene Hoglan, Mikael Akerfeld, Martin Lopez, Steve Harris, Geoff Tate, Dan Swanö.