Friday, December 02, 2005

Imnul national pe ProTV publica astazi stirea din titlu, conform careia, pe 1 Decembrie ProTV a difuzat imnul national al Romaniei in 7 variante : "de la manele, la muzica lautareasca, la varianta simfonica, cea populara, pe ritmuri rock si de muzica hip-hop". Conform ProTV, "Cele 7 variante ale imnului inseamna eliberarea de orice conventii si de prejudecati".
Reactia mea imediata : astia sunt ProTV, puteai sa te astepti la altceva din partea lor? Dupa care am incercat sa imi imaginez cam cum ar suna imnul in varianta hip-hop, probabil ceva de genul "Gee, yeah" si "A-ha, yeah, come on everybody" tot la doua cuvinte, sau in varianta manele in care chiar sper sa nu-i fi multumuit sponsorului sau sa-si fi dorit sa moara toti dusmanii pentru ca si-a tras masina bengoasa cu tot cu femeie cu sani mari inautru. Singurele alte doua exemple de imn national reinterpretat care imi vin imediat in minte sunt parodia punk de la "God Save the Queen" facuta de Sex Pistols in 1977 si mai recent preluata de Motorhead in varianta heavy metal (mai mult decat parodie un atac direct la adresa familiei regale dar tot nu vad ce are Motorhead de-a face cu asta) si varianta hard rock instrumentala de la "The Star-Spangled Banner" facuta de Kiss, care chiar suna extrem de bine. Dar acestea poarta un mesaj si inca unul serios. Ma intreb ce mesaj transmite varianta manele de la "Desteaptea-te romane". Eliberare "de orice conventii si prejudecati"? Trebuie neaparat sa dam in subcultura si sa degradam un simbol in halul acesta ca sa aratam ca suntem eliberati de prejudecati? De care conventii si prejudecati e vorba? Asta e ca si libertatea de exprimare inteleasa in felul "ma duc si injur in public pe oricare daca nu-mi place de mutra lui pentru ca pot si sunt liber sa ma exprim". Si pana la urma e vorba de decenta.
Dupa cum ne-a obisnuit ProTV din prima zi, pot multe, au o metoda foarte eficienta si percutanta si reusesc sa ajunga peste tot unde isi propun. Trist.

Metal, mode d'emploi

C'est un peu long mais ça va vous remplir agréablement 15-20 minutes du weekend:) :

Les 101 règles du black metal (in english)
The 101 rules of nu metal
The 101 rules of prog metal

Thursday, December 01, 2005

December 1st 2005

What's with this 1st of December this year ?
- my home country's national day (meaning Romania) and wikipedia's got a link on the first page about it with a funny picture worth looking at
- world AIDS day of course, like every year
- CPAN's 10th anniversary !:) they even got the cake with the candle from Google and put it on their site, how cute:))))))))))))))))
- I got my Internet access back this morning after a panic attack around midnight when I saw that my modem could not connect during 30 minutes... after which I went to bed

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

La télé nous apprend des choses...

Le mp3 c'est de la "musique dématérialisée" nous apprend une présentatice télé en parlant du "fight pod" (Pod vient de iPod donc je vous laisse deviner ce que ça veut dire).

Hilarious !!!

Check out this spam master !

Jeux de la Francophonie 5ème édition

Je viens de découvrir que la 5ème édition des Jeux de la Francophonie se déroulera au Niger dans un article en roumain. Je suis, comment dire... choqué? perplèxe? de voir qu'une telle manifestation avec un énorme budget se déroule dans un pays qui vient de traverser une période de famine et ou les gens en meurent toujours en 2005. Et le site officiel des Jeux nous annonce que "Le Niger tout entier" est prêt pour accueillir les Jeux avec "l'hospitalité légendaire qui le caractérise". Il faut investir dans la francophonie, rien à dire, mais il y faut le faire avec du bon sens, merde.

Back again

I counted 18 days without any posts. Not that I didn't have an Internet connection right under my ass, but sometimes it's cool to lay low and get lobotomized in front of the TV. During this time there were street riots in France, actually some teenagers "issued from the immigration" or "issued from the diversity"(how I love this:))))) as the politics and the media would call them, burning cars, highschools and even kidergardens in their ghettos through all the big cities of France. Immigrants or not, they were all French, or at least 99% of them. A good moment to renew with the problem of immigration in France and face it's results after 30 years ore more. Won't say anything cause they're doing it on TV 24/7 more or less usefully and more or less with intelligent people. But hopefully something good will come out of this mess. Then I went on a one week trip to Romania to gracefully ask the Romanian authorities to change my passport who was about to expire and I was stunned when I saw how smoothly the things went with the Romanian administration. People were actually polite and professional, amazing me with the 48 hours delay they needed to give me a completely new passport, not free of charge, of course, but in exchange of roughly 30 euros. Very impressive and an extremely positive thing for my home country in complete opposition to the shit you still get to see on TV especially on the private channels who no longer breed TV stars who all speak like they have something thick up their derriere, but friends, who are close to you, only they can understand you and make you eat all the shit they sell on TV : kitchen stuff, insecurity, weight loss products, poverty, political opinions, whatever. Meanwhile I was listening to the latest Helloween and Children of Bodom albums. I can only say "chapeau bas" for the Helloween guys who renewed the tradition with the "Keeper of the Seven Keys - The Legacy" a bloody well written and played successor of the mighty Keeper I & II, even if that's not my usual metal field. And Children of Bodom finally suceeded in doing an original album mixing the best in all they have to offer : speed, accuracy, technique, catchy tunes, heaviness and some thrash/black metal screams which may not be the best in the field (I mean they're quite annoying some times:)) but it's a trademark and wouldn't listen to Children of Bodom without them. Then of course I came back to France, spent 6 shitty hours in the Budapest airport because of the connections, spent another 2 shitty hours in the Geneva airport and railway station, and all of this to get to fly cheap with EasyJet which finally is not as bad as I imagined. Of course, you don't get free beer on board like with Lufthansa, it costs 5 euros, but who says you cannot bring you own beer?:))) Found my bed, fixed the hand made crossover cable by buying a new one, finally got the net on the second computer and went to bed afterwards.