Friday, November 11, 2005

Some things about J2EE and.NET

Now I promised myself I'd never fall into this pit again in my life. The deep and bottomless pit of having nonsense discussions about J2EE vs .NET, or Sun against Microsoft. And yet again, some people just haven't got anything better to do with their lives, or maybe just out of frustration or don't know why, but they keep insisting and finally succeed in pushing me down the slope.

I work in J2EE. And I've been proudly doing it since the last 2 years. But very soon I'll switch to something else, maybe it'll also have some .NET involved. And wether at my job I do .NET or J2EE, it's a matter of corporate enterprise strategy, which doesn't concern me. I do my job for satisfying the basic needs of the everyday life, not for the intellectual pleasure of trying to be the king of the hill in one field or another.

Case study

  • Had to do an evolved grid component to be used in J2EE applications. Very much like the one in .NET. This was the best moment to start exploring new fields : XML-RPC + Javascript + DHTML. Well, not Ajax since it had to be Internet Explorer 5 compliant. By the way, I told you how much I hate the lethal combination of JSP and HTML, dodn't I? Taglibs or not, still bloody deadly. Well, the big problem with components like this one is that you don't get to see the HTML in the source of the page in your browser. But yet again, why the heck do you need to see the HTML, the ugly bastard, when it's so simple to do it in Javascript. For debugging? There are magnificent Javascript debuggers, use them! Makes you life whole lot easier!
Demo of what I was saying about people pushing me
  • Allright, so basically that's what I was telling this person yesterday at a beer, and with a smile I concluded "I'm doing .NET in J2EE:)". Yes, basically that's what I'm doing. .NET is a framework full of out-of-the-box-ready-to-use components like this one that simply make you forget about what programming means. It lightens the programmer's burden from all the technical details. That's what Struts, Tapestry or Spring frameworks are trying to do in the J2EE world. Anyway his reaction was something like, "yeah, I told you, you always said .NET is bullshit and now look what you are doing" with a victorious smile.

First thing first
  • J2EE is in a very bad need of a simpler model. The MVC model is outdated and desastrously implemented by all kinds of open source or proprietary frameworks. So finally a business J2EE application needs an army of programmers and architects to be done. J2EE is difficult for a programmer, most of them J2EE developers don't even realize they're in a multiuser multithread environment when coding a HTTPServlet, but they are able to develop a fully functional application. So this component-driven philosophy might be the answer if well done! Yes, I admit, saw it first in .NET, but WTF? Should I stick to JSP just from stupid loyalty? No way, I'm done with JSP.
  • So why doesn't every company doing J2EE go crazy and run into the arms of the Microsoft saviour, as a result of the frustration of spending endless time, energy and money on J2EE projects which don't alway succeed, or even worse? Because J2EE applications run also on something other than Windows like I dont' know... Linux, AIX, Solaris. Please, Microsoft people, be surprised, have you ever heard of something like this? Because you can get J2EE for free if you want. Or partially free, depending on you enterprise strategy. Because there is more than one provider of J2EE implementations on this planet. Because when you buy at Microsoft you cannot go buy anywhere else. You buy .NET at Microsoft, you're dead, you also need Windows. When you buy WebSphere Application Server from IBM you can make it turn on a Linux box or vice-versa, when you buy your AIX from IBM you can download your JBoss or Jonas and have a fully functional J2EE environment. Because J2EE is an open standard while .NET is a product. Microsoft is the ultimate champion of GUI, ease of use and marketing. And these guy are doing it very well.
Third and last
  • Like I said, wether a company decides to go with .NET or a J2EE provider, whoever that might be, is a corporate decision based on various factors. And in the end it doesn't matter that much. But Microsoft, IBM, BEA, Sun, they're all there to make sure that everything goes well in integrating one of the above in the informational system of a company. So let them do it, let them have their fun and stress or whatever.
But thanks to whoever the hell needs to be thanked for, J2EE exists and I intend to contribute to make it better. Things like J2EE are pushed by individuals like you and me with godlike coding skills and vision (I saw this on an add for a job and I couldn' stop laughing for 20 minutes:)))))) ) which do intelligent things/APIs/components which are taken by dinosaurs like IBM, Sun or BEA and integrated in their products.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

About the exercice of writing

I wanted to post something about writing but I'm in such a crisis of words and ideas that it pisses me off. Since I've finally decided to open a blog I thought it would've been appropriate to write something about writing. But fuck no! When I finally find something intellingent to say I can't get it out of my head. Thanks.

Java vs. PHP CMS and Portals

I came across this very short but concise article comparing the Java and PHP Content Management Systems. And by far those made in PHP are the most accomplished ones. I couldn't agree more even if in my opinion PHP is not as evolved as J2EE when regarding the industrialization of the development process. But hey, PHP is exclusively web-oriented while J2EE is a huge platform for developing practically any kind of application you have in mind. So they don't actually serve the same purpose.

(A little parathesis about what I hate most in web applications. HTML. And what I hate more than HTML? HTML mixed with PHP or Java code. It can get very quickly bloody ugly and unmaintenable. So I'm searching for an alternative...)

Anyway, I say congrats for PHP because it suceeded in beating J2EE in this field.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Programmer's basic needs

A few weeks ago I found this blog entry which was completely breaking NetBeans into pieces. And also complaining about blogging about the product of your company as an employee. Then I found this guy and his friends, all with blogs at Sun and all blogging about... you guess. Tor Norbye particularly about Sun Java Studio Creator. Now, personally I don't have anything against Creator, or IBM WebSphere Studio, or NetBeans, or whatever. But after I read stuff like this I really get the violent need of launching Eclipse or even better, vim. Okay, maybe not vim:)

I need... syntax highliting. I need code completion. I need nice-for-idiots-debugging where I can see the stack, the code and the variables in one single window. I need also Make or Ant. What else? Not much. I need all of these in one fast tool which doesn't need 1GB of RAM and a 2 GHz CPU. Cause when a desktop application needs these kind of ressources, be sure it'll crash one day in such a beautiful way that you'll regret you don't have CVS or Subversion.

I need... pluginless Eclipse?:))))))))))

Monday, November 07, 2005

Reviews about metal

That's one hell of a Metal Reviews web site. Very tongue-in-cheek and not compromises. When I started reading metal reviews on a daily basis it was Satan Stole My Teddybear who captured my entire attention but after a few months there was nothing left to read. Sadly enough, because the style was definitely there.

First entry

Like it says, this is the first one.